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A.Puškini tn15, 20308 Narva
Production of other goods
Tallinna maantee52 ,21005 Narva
Other services , Retail trade (industrial products), Construction and design
Tehase 7, Narva 20104
Other services
Kerese 2-2, 20304 Narva
Alacarte Identity Clothing Service
Services (transportation and warehousing)
Kadastiku 57h, 21004 Narva
Medical and social care, veterinary science
Tallinna maantee 48-41, 21005 Narva
Construction and design
A.-A. Tiimani tn 3, Narva linn, 21004
Alas-Kuul AS
Wholesale (industrial products)
Vahtra tn 5, 21003 Narva
Alba Accessories
Retail trade (industrial products)
Kreenholmi 52, Narva linn
Albion Motors
Services (repair of vehicles), Retail trade (industrial products)
P.Kerese 40f. 21003 Narva
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