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Services (repair of vehicles)
Kadastiku 57d, 21004 Narva
Retail trade (industrial products), Production of other goods
Oru 6, 20205 Narva
PK Progress
Retail trade (food and beverages)
A.Puškini tn 5,20309 Narva
Plasto AS
Production of other goods
Rahu 36a, 20604 Narva
Põhja Valdus
Culture, art, leisure time and entertainment , Catering
Pähklimäe 4A, 20608 Narva
Põhjala Kaubaäri
Retail trade (food and beverages), Wholesale (food and beverages)
Suur Aguli tn 4A, 20309 Narva
Production of other goods
Karja 4-27, 20306 Narva
Põldma Kaubanduse AS
Retail trade (industrial products)
Tallinna maantee 41, 20605 Narva
Construction and design
Tallinna mnt 4 A M 1, 20304 Narva
Retail trade (industrial products)
Suur 7-7, 20307 Narva
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