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Vant AS
Services (transportation and warehousing), Construction and design
Uusküla 23, 20204 Narva
Other services , Production of other goods
Retail trade (food and beverages)
Tallinna maantee 47, 20605 Narva
Vaskit Narva
Real property
Partisani 5A, 21004 Narva
Services (transportation and warehousing), Services (repair of vehicles), Retail trade (industrial products)
Tapamaja 3, Narva 20609
Vassili Ivanov FIE
Services (repair of footwear and leather goods)
Vestervalli 17, 20307 Narva
Vassili Petrov FIE
Construction and design
Kangelaste 12B-20, 20603 Narva
VDV Autoteenindus
Services (transportation and warehousing)
Joala 25F, 20103 Narva
Veera Aleksandrova FIE
Services (hairdressing and beauty salons, beautici, Medical and social care, veterinary science
Tallinna maantee 44-87, 21005 Narva
Veera Maksakova FIE
Retail trade (industrial products)
4 Roheline 8, 20605 Narva
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