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Retail trade (industrial products), Retail trade (food and beverages)
A-A. Tiimanni tn 1, Narva
Services (hairdressing and beauty salons, beautici, Accommodation and tourism
Lavretsovi 6, 20307 Narva
Services (transportation and warehousing)
Kerese 20, 21008 Narva
Viira Pluss
Catering, Accommodation and tourism
III Roheline 8, 20605 Narva
Production of other goods
Kalda 41, 29023 Narva-Jõesuu
Retail trade (industrial products)
Fama tn 4, 20303 Narva
Construction and design
Partisani 3a-5, Narva, 21004
Viktor Botšarov FIE
Wholesale (industrial products)
Tallinna maantee 56-100, 21005 Narva
Viktor Gijazov FIE
Retail trade (industrial products)
Kose 3-4, 20103 Narva
Viktor Golubkov FIE
Services (repair of vehicles)
Narva Kerese38a
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