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Rik Suur
Other services , Retail trade (industrial products)
Kulgu 20, Narva
Services (repair of electronics, machinery and equ, Construction and design
Kooli põik 3-5, 20104 Narva
Rimi Eesti Food AS
Retail trade (industrial products), Retail trade (food and beverages)
Fama 10, 20303 Narva
Production of other goods
Malmi 6, 20308 Narva
Rita Kotova FIE
Services (hairdressing and beauty salons, beautici
Tallinna maantee 34, 21006 Narva
Wholesale (industrial products), Production of other goods
Tallinna mnt 32-232, 21006 Narva
Services (repair of vehicles)
1 Paemurru 1, 20205 Narva
RnB Vara
Real property
A.Puškini 11-29, 20308 Narva
Other services
Linda 1, 20309 Narva
Culture, art, leisure time and entertainment
Rahu 22-21, 20608 Narva
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