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Other services
A.Puškini 69 - 71, 20604 Narva
Ultra Kaubandus
Catering, Retail trade (food and beverages)
Joala 11, 20103 Narva
Retail trade (industrial products)
Partisani 6,21007 Narva
Union Kliinik
Medical and social care, veterinary science
Vestervalli 29, Narva
Services (repair of electronics, machinery and equ, Retail trade (industrial products)
Rahu 14-81, 20606 Narva
Uus Samm Grupp
Retail trade (industrial products), Production of other goods
Paul Kerese 40d, 21003 Narva
Uus sild MTÜ
Other services , Catering
Haigla 6, Narva