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P.Kerese tn 3-322, 20309 Narva
Alina Fjodorova FIE
Retail trade (industrial products)
Tallinna mnt 6, Narva
Alisa Balt
Services (transportation and warehousing)
Moonalao 9
Alla Gerassimenko FIE
Retail trade (food and beverages)
Tallinna maantee 52, 21005 Narva
Alla Grigorjeva FIE
Services (sewing and knitting ateliers, custom tai
A.-A.Tiimanni 6-62, 21004 Narva
Alla Kapaeva FIE
Retail trade (industrial products)
Rakvere 71, 20609 Narva
Alla Minenko FIE
Services (hairdressing and beauty salons, beautici
Rakvere 71, 20609 Narva
Alla Žarikova FIE
Retail trade (industrial products)
4 Roheline 8, 20605 Narva
Other services
Rahu tn 138a-132, 20604 Narva
Almeda Kliinik
Medical and social care, veterinary science
A.Puškini 13, 20309 Narva
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