Narva - Europe starts here!

Why Narva?


1. Narva is a city where different cultures blend. Discover the beauty and potential of this rapidly developing city!

2. In Narva you can take a fascinating journey through the history of many centuries and cultural heritage that make the city special.

3. Narva can be easily reached by car or bus from any large city in Estonia and by train from Tallinn. Inside the city there is well organized public transport, which will quickly and easily take you to any part of the city, and a network of paths for walking or cycling.

4. Narva is a very compact and safe city where you can also use English to get around.

5. In Narva, everyone will find something to their liking: whether it is a walk along the river promenade, a visit to the Narva Castle or Kreenholm Manufactory where the Narva Waterfall is located, shopping in large shopping centers, gastronomic experiences in various restaurants, or a scenic ride on the river boat from Narva to the neighboring resort town of Narva-Jõesuu along the border river.

6. Narva is a city that preserves and restores its historic heritage. In recent years, the center of Old Narva has been revived - the Town Hall has been reconstructed and Stockholm Square is being rebuilt. Thanks to the new tourist attraction, opening in the summer 2023, the virtual exhibition "New Life of Old Narva" in the Narva Town Hall, visitors can walk along the streets of the town before the Second World War, during which the city was almost completely destroyed.

7. Narva hosts events for every taste: music and urban culture festivals, classical music festivals, international sports events, theater performances, and various thematic city tours.

8. A 20-minute drive from Narva, right on the Baltic Sea coast, is the resort town of Narva-Jõesuu, which is famous for its long and beautiful sandy beach, high-quality spa hotels and restaurants, and clean pine forest air.

9. There are places in Narva that are not included in the traditional tourist routes, though they are loved by the locals. Come and explore Narva like a local!

10. Narva is literally a very green city, where there are many parks and places for sports and outdoor activities, which you can enjoy in any season.